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Oscilar and Middesk Partner to Streamline Business Onboarding and Risk Management for Modern Financial Institutions

Neha Narkhede

Apr 12, 2024

Oscilar and Middesk are excited to announce a strategic partnership to help modern financial institutions make faster, more confident onboarding decisions and effectively manage their onboarding, fraud, underwriting, and compliance risks.

By integrating Middesk's business identity data with Oscilar's comprehensive risk management platform, financial institutions are now equipped with a robust solution that streamlines the onboarding experience for businesses and curtails the risk of fraud, boosting fraud and risk operations efficiency by 10x.

Financial institutions stand to gain several key advantages from this partnership:

  • Advanced Fraud Detection and Prevention: Combining Oscilar's generative AI and natural language orchestration and analytics and Middesk's detailed business identity data improves the precision of risk assessments, minimizing false positives and enhancing fraud detection.

  • Efficient Business Onboarding: The integration streamlines the onboarding experience by combining Middesk's automated business verifications with Oscilar's real-time, 360-degree view of a business’s risk, reducing manual interventions and accelerating decisions.

  • Robust KYB Verification: Together, Oscilar and Middesk deliver a comprehensive KYB verification solution that simplifies adherence to regulatory standards and ensures data integrity and security. This scalable solution is adept at supporting a wide array of financial institutions, from nimble fintechs to credit unions and expansive banks.

“Business onboarding at financial institutions involves carefully balancing fraud risk and customer friction,” said Neha Narkhede, Co-Founder & CEO of Oscilar. “The deep business onboarding and fraud monitoring intelligence provided by Middesk, combined with Oscilar’s generative AI Risk Decisioning platform offers an unparalleled solution to automate, streamline and increase the accuracy of digital business onboarding for the first time.”

“We’re excited to team up with Oscilar to help financial institutions make faster and more confident business onboarding decisions ,” says Kyle Mack, CEO of Middesk. “By leveraging our business identity data within Oscilar's risk decisioning platform, modern risk teams will be able to streamline their operations while also enabling more business growth.”

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About Oscilar:

Oscilar is a generative AI-powered solution that empowers financial institutions to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and enhance customer experiences. Oscilar's platform, distinguished by its use of generative AI for risk decisioning and natural language processing for fraud analytics, enables clients to streamline operations and adapt swiftly to the ever-evolving financial landscape

About Middesk:
Middesk is the leading business identity platform. With Middesk’s identity-as-a-service APIs, businesses can verify, underwrite, and enable their customers to grow their businesses. Middesk’s current customers include Plaid, Pipe, BlueVine, Mercury Bank, Divvy, Tesla, as well as large banks and lenders. For more information, visit

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