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Oscilar and SentiLink Join Forces to Revolutionize Fraud Prevention and Enhance Digital Identity Security

Neha Narkhede

Jun 6, 2024

Oscilar, a leading decision intelligence company, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SentiLink, the leading provider of innovative identity and risk solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in strengthening the fight against fraud and enhancing the security of digital identities.

"Digital onboarding and credit underwriting involves carefully balancing fraud risk and customer friction," said Neha Narkhede, Co-Founder & CEO of Oscilar. "The advanced identity verification intelligence provided by SentiLink combined with the power of Oscilar's generative AI Risk Decisioning platform offers an unparalleled solution to streamline and increase the accuracy of digital onboarding for the first time."

Integrating Industry-Leading Technologies

This partnership brings together Oscilar’s advanced decision intelligence platform and SentiLink’s sophisticated fraud prevention solutions to help businesses improve how they manage risks and improve fraud capabilities. By leveraging SentiLink’s industry-leading insights, the partnership will deliver unparalleled fraud detection capabilities to identify synthetic identities and prevent false positives.

Key Features and Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Comprehensive Fraud Detection: By combining Oscilar's AI-powered risk management platform with SentiLink's cutting-edge identity verification tools, the solution offers unparalleled accuracy in identifying fraudulent transactions. The integrated system leverages machine learning models to analyze vast datasets, quickly distinguishing between legitimate and suspicious activities in real time.

  • Scalable and Adaptive Risk Management: The partnership enables financial institutions to efficiently scale their fraud detection capabilities without compromising compliance. The integrated solution adapts to changing fraud patterns, ensuring that organizations stay ahead of evolving threats while maintaining adherence to regulatory standards.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The advanced analytics and machine learning models employed by Oscilar and SentiLink significantly reduce false positives. This ensures that genuine transactions proceed unhindered, improving customer satisfaction and reducing friction in the user experience. Meanwhile, potentially fraudulent transactions are flagged for further review, allowing for a more targeted approach to fraud prevention.

  • Streamlined Implementation: Financial institutions can benefit from quick and seamless integration of this combined solution into their existing systems. Oscilar’s no-code interface allows for easy customization, enabling institutions to tailor their fraud detection strategies to their specific needs without requiring extensive engineering resources.

"We are excited about partnering with Oscilar to help companies on their platform mitigate fraud risks and make better risk decisions," said Naftali Harris, CEO and Co-Founder of SentiLink. "Together, Oscilar's AI-powered risk decisioning platform and our solutions to stop identity theft and synthetic fraud at the point of application will allow companies to confidently approve more customers without adding friction or increasing fraud losses."

How Oscilar and SentiLink Partnered for a Joint Customer 

Oscilar and SentiLink recently helped a shared customer, Flexcar, to dramatically reduce their average risk rates from 10% to 5%, with subprime risk rates dropping from 13% to 6%. 

The integration of multiple data points through Oscilar's platform has not only enhanced Flexcar's decision-making and risk management capabilities but also simplified the process of building new fraud detection rules. Moreover, the adoption of these solutions has led to a significant reduction in asset loss, with the last quarter's count of unaccounted vehicles dropping to zero. 

By mitigating risks and improving their economic position, Flexcar has been able to offer more competitive pricing, attract more customers, and increase customer retention.

About Oscilar:

Oscilar, the leading provider of transformative risk management solutions, empowers institutions to manage onboarding, credit, fraud, and compliance risks.. At the heart of Oscilar’s offerings is an AI-powered risk management platform that analyzes vast amounts of data in real-time, identifying patterns and anomalies to detect fraud and optimize credit assessments. By leveraging advanced analytics, Oscilar enhances decision-making speed and accuracy, ensuring high security and regulatory compliance. Renowned globally for innovation and excellence, Oscilar’s team of data scientists, risk management experts, and technology professionals continually push the boundaries of decision intelligence, helping organizations navigate complex risk landscapes with confidence.

About SentiLink:

SentiLink, the leading provider of innovative identity and risk solutions, empowers institutions and individuals to transact confidently with one another by preventing synthetic fraud, identity theft, and emerging forms of first party fraud at the point of account application. Its solutions enable these secure transactions by leveraging a deep understanding of identity and risk, and are informed by machine learning models and insights from a team of top risk analysts. SentiLink proudly serves a broad array of financial institutions, from the largest U.S. banks to leading credit unions and fintech unicorns to help stop fraud at account opening and beyond. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company was founded in 2017 by Naftali Harris and Max Blumenfeld and it has raised $85M to date from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Craft Ventures, and NYCA Partners, among others.

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